Joanne Janzen | Singer Songwriter in Edmonton, AB
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About Me

Hey Everyone! It’s Joanne here!

I thought since I was doing an overhaul of my website (which is self created) I should write an honest “About Me” section and not feed you some professionally written bio about how I was “born to perform” and how my songwriting is “prolific” and how my “unique vocal qualities are immediately apparent”. These are actual quotes from my last “paid for” bio. I just figure if you want to know more about me you’ll probably go to Google and plug in my name and there you will find probably almost all of my old bios (some paid for) and old promo pics. The fact is I do “me” better than anything else and here I will attempt to place some meaningful text that gives you an idea of who I actually am. Of course if you would like to “hear” me first, feel free to download some of my music here FREE and you’ll get an idea of what I sound like.

So I’m Australian born and I married a Canadian and have been living in Canada since the year 2000. I affectionately refer to my dual citizenship as being a “Caustralian”. I love being a citizen of two very awesome countries and I love travelling. In fact I love travelling so much that this year my husband and I sold our home and belongings, signed our kids up for homeschooling and are currently traveling the US and Canada in “Lucille 2” (our home sweet motorhome).

I’ve been a full-time musician since 2006 and I LOVE MY LIFE. I believe I can be the best version of myself while writing, creating and performing. I used to be a computer Programmer-Analyst, but I knew after only 2 years in the IT industry that this was not what I was meant to be doing. I love learning, I am completely self-taught on the guitar and I love playing and creating new tunes without boundaries of saying that I”m one genre or another. That being said I sound quite country probably due to my country roots and my love of the way that country music can tell a story.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Motown and Bob Marley. I wore out two Bob Marley “Legend” CD’s and one Jackson Five CD.

I am a complete and total documentary junkie, and I have consumed a large majority of the documentaries on NETFLIX. Anything about a person or a person’s story is something I will consume and probably cry over.

I figure I have played somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 shows in my career a large majority of those being regular pub gigs.

I love people and I often wonder how artists/musicians who don’t love people actually do this for a living.

In 2008 I bought out 2 songs on Canadian country radio which were great songs and amazingly produced, however they were not songs that told anything about who I was and I wasn’t overly emotionally invested in them. I learned a lot about the industry during this time.

I then bought out my first full-length debut Album “Sad Circus” in January 2012 and I have quite a lot of emotional investment in these songs.  I’m excited about following it up with an even better album.

I have written many songs since and recorded some of those tracks since. My two favourites are “I Got You” & “One of These Times”.

As I mentioned earlier I am currently traveling the US and Canada. In July of last year myself and my family left on the trip of a life-time, two weeks into that trip I had a devastating accident on a dirt bike and suffered severe injuries to my right knee. We paused our trip for long enough for me to have surgery and then continued on two weeks after to do our planned Alaska portion. I then returned to Alberta to have 4 weeks of intense daily therapy before being cleared by the surgeon to continue on our trip. I”m not one to give up on anything, my husband would say I”m stubborn, I like to think I’m tough, but probably I’m just really stubborn. I’ve been doing regular rehab on the road for the past 7 months. It took me almost 4 months to begin to walk again, thanks to the support of my family. I”m telling you this not so you will feel sorry for me in any way, I don’t need or want pity, but so you will understand where I’m at. I realized at the time of my accident that ALL of my income was coming in through live performance, and what a terrible business plan that is for an uninsured self-employed musician (as most are). SO…once I was physically able I started writing again I looked at ways to diversify my music career and music income. I”m currently doing a Patreon campaign as a way to start a long term relationship with awesome people like yourself who find me online. I”m not asking only for money. I’m asking for people to connect with me, if you can’t afford to sign up as a financial contributor you can still sign up on Patreon as a supporter/Patron and that is just as important to me as someone who can afford to support financially. Somewhere in the next year I will have more surgery and more rehab will follow, so this plan to diversify is so that I don’t give up on my dream during this time. I still plan on performing live as much as possible during this time, but a gruelling schedule that I had before is simply physically impossible for a little while.

I believe in LOVE, never giving up and a shitload of hard work! I stand by that.

My all time favourite quote is “I am the Master of my Fate; I am the Captain of my Soul” – Invictus (William Ernest Henley). I have worn this quote on a necklace around my neck for many years and I truly believe that.

Thanks for reading…I could go but that’s enough for now :)

I”m pretty happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to go ask me on my Facebook page or Twitter or Patreon if you have become a patron – THANK YOU!

Love Joanne

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